Friday, October 27, 2006


Good morning catfans!

Yes it's more Brrrr than Purrrr today in my catty kitchen! Fifty nine degrees - enough to make a girl glad she's got all her fur on.

Poor Peter worries about his fur though. Sits and looks in the mirror at the bits where it's worn off. He tries to act cheerful, but I can see how worried he is. Later today I betcha it'll be out with the buzzy thing and then there's his fur all over the floor.

Here I was just ten minutes ago having breakfast. Hill's Science Plan Diet. Sometimes I get chicken flavour and sometimes tuna. Miaow. Today it's tuna. Very fishy.

It's actually totally tasty, even though it looks boring. Crunchity crunch. Good for teeth, it says on the packet. But nothing beats a nice crunchy MOUSE! Miaow.

Yesterday he was sneezing the whole long day, I swear it. Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. He kept muttering something about "big promotion tomorrow, got to get well," but I don't know all the big words he uses. Just a simple cat, me. Left school early to make my way in the world.

Him he's got all sorts of letters after his name, and look where it's got him, eh.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hi there, catfans!

Chucking it down today, here in Scotland where I live. Rain and wind. Makes a girl glad she's got a roof over her head and not just a plastic sheet which I used to have. (Although he keeps saying something about got to get this bloody roof fixed before winter.)

Sorry no update for a couple of days... been rush, rush, rush darlings.

Yes, really. Since starting this blog on Monday it's been non-stop I can tell you. Hardly a minute for a catnap. Zzzzzzz. There's been book signings in Waterstones, Richard and Judy on the telly, Graham Norton, Paul O'Grady (very catty!) and so on. It never stops.

They all keep going on about something called pussy though, which is a bit confusing for a simple girl like me. Miaow.

Here's the photo they're putting on the book cover. Aren't I just the cat's whiskers?

Oh - next week I'm flying to Spain for a top conference on cat-blogging doncha know. Catalonia. Miaow. I think they call the place Barcelona. He's not coming, cos the big feardie's scared of planes. Me I'm fine. Still got all my nine lives. My agent says it's time I was dumping the old fart anyway. (Shhhh. Don't tell him that yet. Silly thing adores me. Couldn't handle the shock I'm sure.)

Humans, eh. Last night he was playing with a video camera, but I kept well out of sight. Pretended to sleep, but I was really fascinated. Lots of corners to rub my face on.

Anyway catfans bye for now till the next update. Leave lots of comments cos I love reading them. Mebbe I'll put you in my next book. Miaow.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Hello cats everywhere!

I'm zoe and this is my master's desk.

What a mess I'm sure you'll agree.

Mind you, so is the whole house. I'll show it to you when he's not looking.

(He gets drunk a bit, now and again.)

He took this picture to mark my first year in this house.

(I had to sit still for about ten photos till he got a nice one.)

But I do look quite cute in it, even if I say so myself.

Before I was here I was in a cat home. (Bad news!) Next time I'll tell you how I landed there.

Till then,

Miaow from zoe the wonder cat.